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what a girl want in a guy ?

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What women want in a man?

7 A Sense of Adventure . 

Almost every guys akan mengaku yang dorang ada sense of adventure. but actually the number yang ada sense ni adalah sikit. come on guys, You don’t have to be BASE jumping off water towers or swim buckling on the high sea to get laid. i mean to find ladies. :D .  just have fun stuff planned from time to time and let yourself go with the flow if something exciting comes up. Involve her in things she might not ordinarily do and be willing to do some things that are out of your comfort zone too.

6  Some Emotional stuff 

the ladies like to see that you can empathize and connect with them, not just do and say things because they seem appropriate. Figure out who she is and show her you understand her and the things that are important to her. you know , i give one tips, perempuan suka kalau kita tunjuk barang yang ada  sentimental value kepada kita

Eg :

Ali :  "cincin ni nenek saya yang bagi. tapi dia dah meninggal, jadi I pakai supaya i boleh ingat dia sepanjang masa "
Alyah : " Aww ur so sweettt "

5 Acceptance from Other Women

guys, x kisah lah korang amazing , sekacak dan sekaya TMJ pon  and your lady is head over heels in love with you, that’s great. But, if she finds out you mother issue, or your longest relationship only lasted a month or banyak gila EX boyfriend , no matter how she felt about you before this revelation, she’s going to have some serious concerns.

4 Decision Making Skills

ni paling penting kalau pergi dating. remember guys, jangan bagi gadis gadis comel ini take control ke atas anda. Be the guy with the plan. Let’s hope so, because although plenty of ladies like to take control many will rely on you to do things like pick the restaurant or choose the vacation. Showing that you’re unsure when making everyday decisions is a sure way to let her down. choose the best thing and never disappoint her. You minght end your date with a kiss.

3 Ambition 

Show that u have ambition and skills, She just wants to see that you have your own interests, plans that you follow through with and skills that you can master. . Oh, and that you can  make enough money to take her out once in a while.

2 Chemistry

x kisah kalau  sexual, sensual, or flirtation: chemistry is something yang  women want to feel happening. We may not fully understand notions of things  in the way that they do. sometimes its true that perempuan ada six sense , mereka dapat rasa if you are the one and if  she’s found loads of great qualities she’s always looked for, if there isn’t chemistry there to glue those pieces together, she’ll feel that something is off. If thats happened, u wont last long.


1 Confidence

figure it out yourself :)

P/s : good to be back here again :)

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