Saturday, April 7, 2012


haha i just love this topic cuz i think this shit is happening to everybody.

What is Friendzone ? 

menurut wikipedia, ensiklopedia percuma. FriendZone bermaksud :  

 " A platonic relationship  where one person wishes to enter into a romantic relationship while the other does not. It is generally considered to be an undesirable situation by the lovelorn person. Once the friend zone is established, it is said to be difficult to move beyond that point in a relationship."
So macam mana kita nak tahu yang kita sedang Di Friendzone kan oleh seseorang ?

You are in the friendzone when you like her but...

1. She Tells You About Other Guys She's Interested In

If a girl tells you something like that "there's this cute guy I've been talking to, but I don't know if he's actually interested in me or not", then she's probably not romantically interested in you.pastu korang pon terpaksa layann

2. She keep story about her EX to you. 

you are totally friendzoned bila , x kira berapa kali korang cakap ex dorang teruk and jerk, and they still cant move on or stop tellin anything about the ex. congratulation, welcome to friend zone.

3. you guys are best friend and know each other for so long but never touch each other.

yes, ini adalah salah satu symptom. im not talking about intimate touch and stuff, but usually even friend they touch each other. such as tepuk2 bahu, cek dahi kalau demam, tolong tarik tangan masa jungle tracking ke. yes, sound silly right. even korang dah lama kenal , kadang2 dorang saja avoid touch sebab takut nanti akan datang perasaan cinta tersebut. :D

4.You're Naturally A Nice person

sorry, but usually, nice person do finish last . because they are easy to be tricked by others

5.  you always help her/him  , but the opposite person never does . 
sigh. you know this always happend contoh nye. bila dorang ajak tengok wayang. dorang macam
"jom la pleaseeee"  . and you go sebab taknak dia tgk movie sorang2. but bila korang ajak die. They all were like " malas laaa, busy laa, ada hal sikit " . bila dia x pernah makan sorang , sebab kau teman, tapi kau selalu makan sorang and forever alone. Yes, congratulation. again.

p/s : this is awkward, i feel like describing myself :/


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