Monday, July 30, 2012

The Ultimate High Five test .

Here the situation, :
you have been dating with this girl for a while and you're ready to go for the next level. But somehow you're too blind to see the sign given by the lady so you not sure if she will accept or not.

So here the hi five test to figure out if a woman is interested … here is a little test you can do that will help you gage the amount of interest a woman has.

What you have to do : 
As you’re talking to that person , and she says something you like, give her a high five.

We all know that he key is that as you slap her hand sort of grip her fingers for a split second. Her reaction to this indicates her comfort level around you.

If she pulls her hand immediately away, or leaves her fingers limp, she probably still does not feel comfortable around you. 

On the other hand, if she hold her hand there for a second, grips your fingers back, or sort of lets her hand slide against yours … it’s a pretty good indicator that you’ve developed a nice level of rapport with her.

P/S  : Good luck :) 

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