Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hello guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus. Guess Im back. But this time, a special episode!

We gonna talk about sweet potato made from Chiba, Japan. Unlike Malaysian potato, Chiba Sweet Potato is brown in colour and taste very sweet. It is not added any preservative, but just natural sugar that content in the potato. Old folks in Malaysia usually consume sweet potato but adding sugar or also "sambal" which is spicy but delicious. You can try it with chiba sweet potato as well ! Some people add vanila ice cream in their recipe, but i prefer the original taste.

It contain lots fibre, carbohydrate and enough nutrition to keep our body healthy. Thats why its a main food in Japan ! Sweet potato lover can rush to Bangsar Village, Village Grocer to your potato with very affordable price. I buy 5 potato was only RM25. The best thing is, #chibasweetpotato is best to eat any time! As a staple food, main dish or dessert. Try it out now !

P/s : I dont mind to be called Mr.Potato

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