Tuesday, June 28, 2011

5 things Guys hate to hear from a girl .

5 things Guys scared to hear from a girl . 

  • My ex used to ...
                This is major turn off . 

  • Do i look fat? 
 xkire bape banyak kali guys cakap u look great or u are thin enough, she is definitely gonna ask                       the same question again. 
  • Fine..
               Something is  wrong cuz she is actually not fine.!
  • Nothing !
                 everybody know its not gonna be nothing on her mind, and it must be something bothered her.
  • Do what you want !
She actually mean DONT do what you want.  haha. 

P/s : if she said all this thing, you might have a big trouble. haha :D


  1. i'm confuse about "Do what you want !"

    if she said "don't fcuk me"

    means we have to fcuk her?


  2. she said dont fuck me cuz ur dick huggeeee/ hahaha. bodoh la afeb !!

  3. the last statement "SUPERB" correct...