Monday, February 14, 2011

How do guys and girls handle STRESS

hey guys. Its been very horibble week. The pressure has been maximum and i couldnt think anything beside than GIVE UP . Susah betul la nak handle macam2 bende pada masa yang serentak. But millions of thanks to whose who always give me strength to handle all this. So this time, my post will be about  how guys and girls handle strees.

The fact is, men deal with stress differently than women. It's a natural and normal thing, too.

So how do Guys and Girls cope with stress differently?


 Korang pernah x tgk kawan laki korang yang bile jwab soalan math die jawab senyap2, fokus gila  and when he got the answer he'd yell  YESS!!! DAPAT JAWAB. Pastu kalo boleh nak heboh satu dunia la. (padahal baru jawab soalan, ade 20 lagi soalan x jawab g)  . This is the same situation for guys who stress. When they in stress they will try so hard to solve the problem. and they feel best when they are solving problems.   

BUT, bile guys face a problem that they CANT solve, they will forgot about it.

so bila you guys nampak a bunch of guy yang lepak2, tgk bola, hisap shisha, jamming , breakdance, skate,  main futsal lewat malam and macam2 lagi. They all nak lupakan, problem yang dorang tau dorang x boleh solve.


Most of the girl cope stress by TALKING about it. 

While a guy may wonder why a girls would ever want to talk about a problem instead of just try to solving it, it serves a very powerful purpose. Bagi girls , talking about a problem serves the same purpose as a guy  forgetting about the problem . It's a release from the stress, and cara untuk melegakan kan diri  (rejuvenate.)

Bila the BF forgetting, and GF talking. lots of arguement can happens. For guys,  Yang penting magic word seperti ini kne avoid bile girl the bagitau problem
  • dont worry about it
  • its not a big deal
  • just forget it
For girls , magic word seperti ini perlu di avoid bila guys sedang lepak2 untuk lupakan masalah.
  • jom balik, kan ade assigment? 
  • cube jangan give up.
  • jangan malas2. pegi buat  keje.
 Avoid it or it could the LAST time korang bersama. (kejam gila ayat) haha. 



p/s : i wish i can forget all my problem now. :(

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