Monday, January 24, 2011

Why girls always ask for break up.

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Last post i did mention about girls Peripheral vision and guy's Tunnel vision. well, what the hell is that?

Have you ever been in this situation?
  Aliyah dan boyfriendnye Ali sedang makan di MCD.
*while eating* Aliyah : look at the couple at  your right. they look really funny!!
*Ali turned his head to look*

Aliyah : shh! you are so obvious!! nnt kantoi la kite tgh tgk dorang.

Aliyah couldnt understand why Ali had to turn his head so indiscreetly. same time,  Ali pun x faham  how Aliyah can see the other people at the restaurant WITHOUT LOOKING AT IT!!

The answer is easy, guys have tunnel vision. Girls have peripheral vision.

Wider peripheral vision is the reason why girls rarely get caught ogling(curi2 tengok)  guys . But, almost every guys has been accused of ogling the girls. Eventhough sometime they dont.  FYI,  Girls look at guy's bodies as much as guys look at girl's . (kadang2 lebih) .  They like six pack abs, tall, handsome faces,  cute hair, fair skin , edward look, nice dress up and smile . But because of the guy's tunnel vision, and girls superior peripheral vision. they rarely get cought.

 "Guys, you dont have to feel ashamed if you get caught of looking at your girlsfriend  cleavage, because she did check out your body too. It just you dont realise it."

Girls always admitted they have six sense,  a sense that can see what is guy's hiding.  Its true!  girls wider peripheral vision make it easier for them to detect any emotionly changes  that happen in a guy.   So girls selalu tend to mintak break first sbb dorang boleh kesan any slightly changes that  happen to her guy.

Believe me, guys tunnel vision amat menyusahkan. we always miss the detail! 
Try this on your bf,  on a dinner, u ask this question.
"Notice any different on me tonight?" .
Most of guys cant never notice, they just can remember.
Guys akan cakap "new hair" sbb the girls said dia pegi saloon  2 days ago. and her hair look awesome today.
but the girl is actually mean the contact lense.

However, tunnel vision do provide benefit to everybody.
  • When he have got the attention of a girls  he is interested in, he will  get a sort of tunnel vision. It’s as if the whole universe collapses and the only thing he see, hear, feel or care about is her.
  •  They'll get really straight forward . so korang xyah risau2 guys simpan perasaan, cuz they didnt. 
  • They are focus on want they want.
                                            The beautiful of peripheral vision . haha

 Anyway,  no matter if you are peripheral or tunnel vision or whatsoever. Relationship still can be built if you guys to put more commitment on understanding your partner well . : )

 P/s :  how i wish i have peripheral vision!! haha