Thursday, January 20, 2011

The real reason : Kenapa lelaki selalu kantoi pasang dua.

hello everybody ! What a bad wheather today! asik2 hujan. nak jemur baju pon susah. -_-' . Anyways, i got a question from my friends yang tanya how i know all the stuff that post in this blog. the answer is simple as ABC ; EXPERIENCE.  Keep on following me, buddies ! bye! :)

The  real reason : Kenapa lelaki selalu kantoi pasang dua.

Nowdays ni. Selalu je ade break up. Selalu je kantoi guys pasang dua.  But, kenapa kita jarang dengar girls cheating? Come on...   Everybody is cheating. However, girls x pernah kantoi . Why? 
Below are possible reason how guys  kantoi!

Aliyah call her girlfriend .

Aliyah : Babe!, i find out bf i curanggg  .. :(
friends : Really? how?

Aliyah :
  • I nmpk pic die and other girls hugging in the phone 
  • Die tersasul sebut nama perempuan lain masa dgn i .
  • I tgh makan dgn die, n some girls approached us
  •  He is with me, and suddenly his phone rang. n die jawab phone jauh2. im suspiccious!
  • FB tell me.
  • Kenapa ada " Baby 2" dalam phone contact list? and im the "Baby 1"?? 
  • We suppose to have date, tapi dia cancel sbb ade group discussion. bile i tanya kawan die cakp xde pon
  •  Obviously kot ~  
Kita selalu tengok drama tv where the husband caught cheating on wife sbb balik2 rumah ade kesan gincu kat baju . -_-'

So, is guy really a dump? how can he miss the cover mission? This is the real reason :

"Guys can only concentrate only one thing at a time. They never born to be multitasking like girls does "
A real guys, can only be with one girls. They are suck on cheating! 

Have you done this experiment?
  • Pegi tanya guy yang tengah baca newspaper, ask him to  change the TV channel. They would reply, "OK".. and bile habis baca paper, " what is it u saying just now? "
  • Kalau hujan knapa lelaki x bawak payung? Cuz guy cant walk and hold umbrella at the same times
  • try talking to a guy masa tgh shaving. he'll cut himself
  • Guys cant talk so much when driving.
  • Guys can never make up while driving 
  • Korang try la kacau guys tengah main D.O.T.A, kalo xkne sepak x sah .

Dr. John Gray author of the best seller "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus"state that  girls ada peripheral vision and guys ada tunnel vision.

So, when a guys say he love you. That is mean he is really love you . Unlike girls, they say i love you to everybody! So guys, do never cheating. :)

P/s : My dad has 4 wives. But then he divorce the first two,and isteri ke tiga baru tahu pasal isteri keempat  dua bulan lepas -_-'

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  1. for the p/s.. is it true?..haha..
    lawak la ur entry. entry yg ni n Why girls always ask for break up..haha..