Monday, March 7, 2011

Why girl need to play HARD - TO - GET games?

Hey guys. Im back from hiatus. haha
sorry banyak2 sebab jarang update. macam hal berlaku. ade yang baik, ade yang buruk.
So, today is kindda hot topic for girl . stay tuned :)

Why girl need to play HARD - TO - GET  games?

What is hard -to-get games? 

When you are in love with somebody dont let anything you chase in life runs away. You can keep a man interested if he feels like he never completely has you

How to play this game? (with guys) 

First of all, korang perlu confident and believe that you are capable of handling emotion and be a quick thinker. And if you think yourself is a nice girl, you should stop thinking about that and be a little bit strong, assertive ladies. because thats what a guy sukaa :) .

1.  When someone yang u minat ajak keluar,  show him that you are happy. BUT not too happy.

2. You are ready for a date this weekend. and last minute the guy have to cancel sbb kene buat assigment. Even u rasa dissapointed. but show him that you are  fine.  Dont you ever say this
" really? i betul2  da looking forward untuk date ni. looks like assgment lagi penting kan? :( "
This is NO .
instead of that, tell him this.
" its ok, next time ade lagi.  goodluck for your assgment while i hang out with my girlfriend :) "
that guy will lovve you more :)

3. You tgh jogging, suddenly phone ringing, and he's calling. Dont stop jogging, Be brave to say, that you are buzy jogging and you will call him right after that!

4. You enjoy doing thing that you like such as music or modelling. DONT let the guys stop you from doing that.

5.  Keep your life exactly as it was before, only add him to it. Remember, your interesting life is the reason he likes you in the first place.

6. He' promise to call you tonight. bile die call, die tanya, buat ape tadi before saya  call?
never say : "i was sit by the phone and waiting for your call" . Tell him u baru pas buzy buat something, masak ke, assgment ke, kemas rumah ke, ape2 jelah. suka hati kau. haha .

7.  Keep yourself chased. But do not run too FAR . Let he reach you most of the time :)

8.  Be more mysterious. Do not tell him too  many secret that u hold.

9. You know a perfect guy in facebook. And he's aking for your number. Sapa x nak bagikan? jantan hot tu!
    give him your number, but tingal kan nombor digit yang  last. biar die cari sendiri. atau ko buat2 lupa no sendiri. be more fun in interaction!

10 .  Remind him that he'll will regret, if he lose you. Always show him that that you are confident and always been worth it .

 " Guys tend to be more attractive to girls who have plenty of  girlfriend , cus he want you to be with the girlfriend when he's busy or not around,  . That why sometime they ask alot about your friend "

P/s : lets play imposible - to - get.  hahaha


  1. playing hard-to-get sometimes killing the opportunity for the relationship to go further. When is exactly the point when we turn in and give him all, than pretend to be one?

  2. we'll discuss it on the next post :)

  3. how to plays this game (with girls) please :)