Monday, January 17, 2011

Guys and talk.

hello! askum, salam sejahtera. :)

On a situation di MANGO, Midvalley

Aliyah : babe , mana satu baju ni lagi lawa? warna biru ke gold?
Ali : ** ( this is the question that i hate the most, omg! im dead.) . erm.. warna gold sayang. He replied nervously.
Aliyah : really?? so what wrong with the blue? selama ni i pakai blue U x suka lah? I paid a fortune for them an you never like them, dont you??
Ali : Aliyah, if you dont want my opinion, dont ask !

So, dalam situasi ini, Ali igt dia ditanya untuk menyelesaikan masalah, tetapi bile die cuba untuk selesaikan , Aliyah wasnt at all grateful. Aliyah however, actually already like the blue one and decided to buy it. She just asking just to confirmation that she is looked good with it.

So guys , next time if you partner ask this challenging question the best way to answer it is : (if you like the gold)

" isnt u have the gold shoes that is really fantastic? oh ya and that gold bracelet. I bet baju ni mesti lawa gila bile  u pakai with all those accesories. so why not my dear? Beside, U look great with any colour on you ! "

(if u like the blue or x tau nk pilih mana satu) 

" Its seem like u like the blue the most .  and this one is a great choice! you'll look FABULOUS!. You have done well, i love it! "

You can bet Ali have a great night :)

Men , obviously is not a good talker. Yeah they can talk but  Guys boleh cakap2, and x sedar the girl rasa kecik hati . Well that is guy, they have to think before they talk. Thats why, in conversation, guys slalu kurang cakap. But when they talk, it all make sense. That is why guys reply text lambat .Thats why guys always look blur. Thats why when guys talk ada non vocab word such as "ummph" , "aaa", "eerrr" . The only time where they can be a good talker, is with the guys friend.

                "Guys often choose greeting cards with plenty of  word        inside. That way, there' s less space for them to write. "

So girls, kalo tgh dnner dgn guys and that guys senyap seribu bahasa. Jangan terus jugde yang dorang membosankan. Give them a space, you all akan nampak yang actually the guys tgh susun ayat dalam kepala. And you all akan dapat the best conversation of a day :)

P/s : Ask me about Greenday. and i'll talk   :)

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