Sunday, January 9, 2011

The introduction to the blog : Same species, different world

Hey  there! for introduction im Zikri , or you guys can check out my FB for more detail.

Guys and girls are different . Tak kurang, x lebih. just different. Yang pelik nye, semua orang tau! but xramai yang mengaku, beside dgn bf/gf ayat famous pun keluar lah " sayang, we were so much in common." .OK ni sensitif. jgn ada yang breakup lak after baca blog ni. haha. 

Some things are Obvious!
  • Guys pergi toilet only for one reason. dah kencing, tgk cermin sikit , blah! . Girls pergi toilet , kencing, tukar pad,  make up for 10 minutes and leave the guys strended outside. Girls use toilet as restroom or social lounge .  Dah x terkejut lagi kalo dengar girl cakap  " hey, aku nk pegi toilet. nak ikut"?. why she need company? to talk! . Girls sangat unik. dorang boleh jumpe a stranger kat toilet, and a few month later dah jadi best buddy.
  • after makan kat kedai mamak. jalan2 ke carpark.  Guy ambik kunci kereta dari poket. POKPAK *bunyi bile unlock kete * sepantas kilat (0.2 second) dah masuk keta. Girls pergi kat kereta, sambil cakap2. sampai kat kete seluk tangan dalam handbag, dan pencarian harta karun bermula! gosh. usually it took  30 minutes. Only if u got lucky, it took only 5 minute.
  • Guys kalo tgk TV, tiap kali iklan mesti nk tukar channel. They cant watch commercial! To them, commercial suck.. Girls x, they enjoyed that. they can wait one commercial in a day and excited gile kalo iklan tu on air   sbb dalam commercial tu ade hero korean.

  • Guys can never find a pair of sock, but their CD are alphabetical order. Girls have a very sequence order key at the key holder. but they always sesat bile driving.
  • Girls can bring rm1000 in pocket to Pavilion, nak shopiing. and after 6 hours, selai pon x beli. Guys boleh spend rm100 beli 2-3 helai baju G2000 and Topman. sbb tgh sale. then mostly baju x cantik  or xde size..
  • Guy's room always messy. even if they clean it everytime. it will be in mess again. girls room never mess. it totally in fascinating . and kalo ade mess sikit, dorang akan mengamuk disitu.
  • If a girl mad at her bf. she wont tell the bf, she will update Facebook status first.  For guys, they directly cakap x puas hati and sometime tertinggi suara.
  • In arsenal, girl sume suka fabregas. tapi guys sume suka Nasri. *you know what i mean. haha

In the next post, we will see why they act like this!  stay update to this blog!. have a nice day!

*jicks :)

p/s : my mom can see my dirty sock dari hujung rumah ke hujung rumah, celah2 kusyen kerusi lak tu.. tpi  die x dapat cari ruangan WORLD dalam  surat khabar The Sun . :D


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  1. LOL....

    not entirely true but it definitely is funny..