Saturday, June 25, 2011

Easy to crash hard to fall

Its been 3 month since i left this  page ! OMG . im sorry follower if korang tension tgk blog ni x update. haha . well lots of this happened . such as, i broke up with my gf. well, many people thought aku Dr.Love. Hebat sgt bende pasal Love ni. But im just me. an hopeless romantic creature.  Break up is not something unusual,
" people will break up, it just the matter of time. Is it break by death ? " - (zikri, 2011)
so today topic~

Guys : Easy are to crush but hard to fall  

Situation : 
Girls, korang pernah x be in this situation where a  u know this guy, and u like him. At start, he seem to like you very much,  he cant keep his eyes of a  you, and he keep winning your heart. And finally,  you just head over heel for him.  But , when the time you about to giving a hint, that you LOVE him, and want more than a friendship. the guy start to keep a distance , and slowly you will lose him. And finally , he just another stranger u just meet.

Guys are easy to crush. 
For the first time nampak girl yang attractive, guys would say WOAHH ! .  They will do everything to win your attention. Because they are crush on you.

But guys are hard to fall in love. 
When the time he got to know more about you, how you living your day, your friend, your behavior,and your attitude with him. If its not like what he want, The crush feeling will gone, and its gonna be impossible to fall in love.  so bye bye .

So the only way to grab his heart, do not be too pushie. make him fall for you. Show the best of you to him. Take it slow and try to learn him more.  One day, when he realize, he will fall for you really hard .  

However, if you try so hard and its like never work out. Simple, he is not the  guy for you. :)

P/s ; drive safe , do not crush. :)