Wednesday, March 16, 2011

10 ways to win your favorite guy heart !

Whats up guy. before kita start let pray to the tsunami and earthquake victim that happened  on 13 march 2011 in Japan. May Allah be with them all the times. I always been my dream untuk jejak kan kaki kat sana, but Japan is now longer macam dlu. too bad. :(

Anyway, im gonna exposed the greatest secret in a guy life history. Girl, take note, You dont wanna miss this shit :)

10 simple way to win your favorite guy heart!!

1. Be attractive.
Listen, be attractive x semestinya korang kene buat plastik surgery macam Megan Fox or Vanessa Hugdsen . Enough untuk  korang jaga kulit , rambut and stuff. Kalo ada parut2 tu beli la cream hilang kan.  Put a LITTLE BIT of make up during dates. Try untuk guna kan fashion yang paling sesuai dgn you guy. Combine a lot of attractive colour and appearance kene tip top. Surely the guy will stunned each time looking at you . You dont have to be beautiful, you just have to be attractives :)

Guys like ladies who are fully interested on him . Listen to his dreams, his fears, his heart. And keep his confidences. Be supportive and never let him down. Kalo die suka buat something,such as music or acting on teater, show that u are supportive, be there during the performance and wish him luck. He'll probably know that you are the reason  his confidence is always rise.

His Friend , mom, sister, friends, etc. (whenever possible).  Show him that u are friendly and very easy to get along with anybody. He definitely will bring u anywhere  :)

4. Never be his best  friend.
Relationship sesama rakan 100 %  sama sekali ditegah!  Term best friend is used when u are suppose to know everything about her, and sharing the greatest problem or sadness. However, its dangerous kalo korang tahu too much pasal guy. So  of cos die xnak in relationship with someone yang tau everything pasal die. Beside, he trust u as a friend, not as a girlfriend. Do not gamble your friendship. Its either you gonna hurt yourself, or your friendship will be sour. When the first time u see him, u should already thinking, u want him as a BF or a bestfriend. Thats it.

5. Do not be too much literally.
Don't assume that men "read between the lines" and wonder what you "mean" by your actions. They take things more literally than women do. If you want them to know something, just tell them. Xpayah nak bercekerama or berpuitis when its come to antyhing. . Some time u can, but when it too much . Depa pun malas nak layan. 

6.Xpayah nak ubah dia sangat lah kan
Don't think that you can change anything about a man that you don't like. Only the man can change himself. He will resent you trying to change him. A guy is always a guy, u cant change him. But when it come to realationship, it have to be from both side. If hes doing something yang korang x suka , such as FLIRT dgn org lain. . Show him that ur sad or x suka each time he do that. He will realise that he just broke your heart, and will change himself. If he still doesnt change. Just leave him.

7. Talk.
 Talk  a lot when the times is right :) 

8. Makanan !
 As you may have heard the saying go, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” What better way to impress a guy than to bring him food. Kaji selidik sikit to find out what foods he likes, go to restaurants where he has a favorite dish. Offer to bring him some cookies or snacks. so much better if you bake or cook them yourself. If a guy’s full, then he’s happy. So try to help the guy you have an interest in have a full stomach. If he remembers you as helping to feed him, he’ll definitely remember you and will want to be around you as well. 

9. Fun
Do not being too rigid, be an open minded.  Be more fun, play games with him. 

Finally.The most important.Forget what all the so called “experts” like me say.(haahaha) .
Be the best you that you can be, without the games and manipulation. If he doesn’t accept it, then he’s simply not the guy for you!

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  1. lost track. if I crush on someone, I'll read this back. :P